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Our Community

The Lord inspired me to create a space for the Surrendered Hearts Collective community to share their gifts with the world through networking.  Please feel free to browse and support these ministries and businesses. 

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Valeria McAlpine

Latasha McAlpine, Owner

Valeria McAlpine is a luxury brand that includes fine jewelry, women and girl shoes, non-toxic candles and apparel. Additionally, the inspirational portion of the brand strives to point customers to Christ through inspirational apparel and jewelry, as well as a devotional journal. Find out more at 

Dimensional Talent Streams

Valerie Williams, Founder

Dimensional Talent Streams was birthed in a vision via prayer a few weeks leading into the Jewish fall feast of Rosh Hashanah. The ministry was founded on the commission of the following scriptures: Matt 25:14-30, Gen 1:28, & Isaiah 45:3. Dimensional Talent Stream is a kingdom business ministry providing business solutions for Business Owners and Ministry Leaders. I offer strategies & tools in generating multiple streams of income. Services include Lead Generation, Funnel builds, CRM, RMP, Marketing & Advertising, Prophetic Consultations & Coaching. All under the direction of the LORD, Jesus. Find out more at

Young Designer

Grant Allison IV Worship Ministry

Grant Allison IV, Founder

Grant Allison IV was born and raised in Chicago, IL. He is a worship leader, songwriter, and recording artist who loves God and His people. He believes in creating atmospheres that reflect the kingdom of God and articulating the heart of the Father through teaching and worship. Find out more at

Tree of Glory Academy 

Nameetha Janardhan, Founder

Nameetha Janardhan and her husband Jan are the Leaders & Founders of Golden Gate Ministries. Their new school, Tree of Glory Academy is now open for enrollment. Unravel biblical mysteries. Know your Eternal Destiny. Start the journey right here, right now. Even as the Kingdom of God is reaching its Fullness, God is expanding our understanding and revealing things that were once hidden. This Course aims at revealing, equipping & activating precious saints of God to walk and operate in this Glory of God as Kings and Priests. Find out more or register today at

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Adella Jordan - Business Logo.png

Adella Miriam Jordan

Adella Jordan, Founder

Adella's focus as a Media Communications specialist is to help entrepreneurs and companies birth their purposes. Her mission is to help young adults in the workplace become successful with the four bodies (spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally) of life. Therefore, her creativeness and workplace experiences are birthing services, resources, and much more to support individuals with their mission/ calling. Find out more at

Heart + Sound, Co.

Jordan and Lydia Saylor, Founders

Heart + Sound is a media and missions ministry to capture the authentic heart and sound of different cultures and peoples. Find out more at

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Dove Dynasty Logo.png

Dove Dynasty 

Justice Dove, Founder

Dove Dynasty is a virtual community center that wants to help you build wealth the kingdom way. They define wealth as being good stewards of the health, finances, knowledge, and opportunities God provides. All of their resources, programs, and services are FREE. They are a volunteer-based organization; so they ask for a kind donation of time or resources (i.e. funds, partnerships, etc). Find out more at

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