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I greatly appreciate the service of Surrendered Hearts Collective.  I didnt realize it until this week but God answered two of my requests for help: a voice trainer and a coach.  God has tasked me with a vision and after only two weeks I see my confidence growing.  I see myself flowing more fluently in song and I'm less afraid of the adversity that comes after my sessions with you and other services to God.  This is an organization I hope to maintain connection with in some capacity. The music meditation is a significant component of the emotional healing I am experiencing.   I praise God for your service. -Keisha G.


One of Your unique skills I believe is your ability to connect with the father and include the people in worship on a prophetic and  spiritual journey and sing what  the fathers heart is saying through new lenses every time.

-Grant A.

Phenomenal vocal coach, singer and worship leader. Melodic with crazy vocal ability to flow in the moment and build upon songs of the Lord. 

-Toni A. 


Your sound is authentic and not imitating others, the way you present yourself represents Christ on stage and off stage. The worship you give is your life style in the way you give yourself to others in kind and worth.

-Rosette N. 

Alexandria Crumble is a worshiper like I have never heard. She hears a song from heaven and replicates it on earth. I love her ministry she sings directly to Holy Spirit and takes her audience on the journey with her. Her lifestyle of worship helps others to see God in the small details. She leads in song as well as life.

-Special G. 

I would say you are a spontaneous , authentic , unusual and fearless worship leader and very sincere!

-Henry P.

 Alexandria Crumble is a brilliant leader, with a diligent pursuit of the heart of God! She is a worshipper that seamlessly navigates the realms of the spirit being led by the spirit! The unique thing about Alex is that her passion is displayed through her beautiful emotions in worship. She is not afraid to demonstrate really “being” with God, no matter the circumstance.

-Chantel V. 


Alex is a worship leader that hears from the spirit and then directs from what she's heard. She uniquely listens for the song within the song. In every moment she leads, she sings what the Lord is prompting in that specific moment, for that specific room, for those specific people. It is so unique to see her “sing a new song” every time she leads. In this way, she invites others to discover a new aspect of God’s presence.

-Jeremias L. 

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